Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oscar-Winning Movies

I watched more of the Academy Awards Sunday night than I have ever watched. (Yes, I'm aware that most pundits maligned it as one of the worst Oscars ever.) Of the movies that were up for anything, I had only seen Juno, which I thought was a good little film. Of course, Best Picture honors went to No Country for Old Men. I haven't seen it, largely because I don't see many movies when they're current. Rather, I wait for them to come out on DVD. Ain't Netflix great?

There was an interesting segment (I think they do it every year) where all "Best Pictures" were shown. Here's a list of all the Oscar winners for Best Picture. I have seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Rocky, Chariots of Fire, Terms of Endearment, Rain Man, Driving Miss Daisy, Silence of the Lambs, Schindler's List, Forrest Gump, Titanic, American Beauty, Gladiator, Million Dollar Baby, Crash, and The Departed. (Wow, that's more than I thought I had seen!)

I have seen portions of Gone with the Wind, Ben-Hur, The Sound of Music, Patton, The Godfather, The Sting, and A Beautiful Mind.

Those are all good movies, to be sure. All of them are worth watching a second, third, or fourth time. But my favorite three of them would have to be:

1. Crash (moving, superbly acted, beautiful film)

2. Terms of Endearment (looking for a good cry? here it is on a silver platter...)

3. American Beauty (mid-life crisis anyone? kevin spacey, chris cooper, thora birch...all excellent)

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Major Allen Espy said...

Of the movies you listed, my favorites, in order, are:

1. Rocky
2. A Beautiful Mind
3. Forrest Gump
4. Gladiator
5. Silence of the Lambs

Not So Stereotypical Southern Socialite said...

Of the movies you listed:
1. Silence of the Lambs
2. Gladiator
3. A Beautiful Mind
4. Rocky
5. Run, Forrest, Run (Gump)

Good Will Hunting is a movie I like- it was Best Screenplay one year before Ben A and Matty D were "celebrities". I saw it with Allen, Glenn CatDaddy Catlett, Sleeping With The Enemy & Uncle JimBo Vann...Glenn & I were the only ones who stayed awake for the entire movie. I also saw Howard Stern's Private Parts with that bunch- 3 hours of my life I'll never get back. American Beauty, not one of my favorites...Most of the movies I really like, not Oscar Winners.

Not So Stereotypical Southern Socialite said...

My Favorite Academy Award (OSCAR) picture of the year include (in no certain order really):

Gone With The Wind (1939)
My Fair Lady (1964)
Shakespeare In Love (1998)
Terms Of Endearment (1983)
Oliver! (1968)
The King & I (1956)
Mary Poppins (1964)
West Side Story (1961)
I am afterall, Natalie Wood(s) ;-)

You didn't mention these...I like them better than the other five :)

Jeffrey said...

Terms of Endearment I listed as my second favorite Oscar-winning movie. Debra Winger, Jeff Daniels, Jack Nicholson...great acting with a large helping of tears.

If you've not seen Crash you both should check it out. It is by far my favorite movie of the Oscar winners.

BTW, Southern just re-ranked coups' movies!